1953 Kaiser Manhattan

Used Classic Cars For Sale by Haggle Me in Indiana


Price $32,000
Type Classic Cars
Doors 4
Title Clear
Stock # PAP9743TK
Seller's Description

1953 Kaiser Manhattan - Very Rare Car!  Very nice Peacock Blue paint. Good body fit lines and gaps. Oversized mirror like chrome rocker panel moldings started at the edge of the front wheel well and ran the length of the car and gracefully merged into the large rear bumper and are continued, although the shape is altered, across the front above the front bumper. The car has very large slightly slanted “bullet” tail lights. The headlights are wrapped by a classy bulbous hump and trimmed with A circular chrome bezel with horizontal points, dead center on the left and right of the headlight. The car features classic elegant touches everywhere you look. Whether looking from the back of the car or the front of the car your eye just flows over the amazing shapes and curves. Flip down tailgate style trunk opening. The interior features an extremely nice vinyl bench seat, light tan carpeting, two tone door panels separated by an elongated S shaped trim creates a great look. Cloth on top, woven on the bottom ( like carpet ). Vinyl arm rest pads. The gauge cluster is chrome with small squares with “Manhattan” script in a smooth rectangle. Actual gauges, not warning lights. Column shift, Leather wrapped steering wheel cover. Red Painted Steel Wheels with K (Kaiser) over a majestic Lion which is the company's logo. Thick white wall poly ply tires.

Used Classic Cars For Sale by Haggle Me in Indiana

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